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K n e v e r w a v e - I I

Or: "How I learned to stop worrying and love the horrible books that eat my faces!"

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"The Kneverwave" - D&D D20

"Book of the Four Winds" - GURPS

"Omoi: Missionaries" - Modified D20 System

Hear what the critics have to say about "The Kneverwave!"

The reason Dungeons and Dragons was invented.
-Wizards of the Coast (or some guy pretending to be from them)

I'm scared of books now. Thanks a lot, ***holes!
-Reader Rabbit

-Horribly retarded hobbit-child on IRC

My favourite food is faces, too! I love these books!
-Hannibal Lector

My favourite part is always the fireballs. I love fireballs.
-Pope John Paul

d20's still haunt my dreams.
-Steve Jackson

Holy Crap!
-Strong Bad

The reason why people are scared to come over on Saturday Night.
-Everyone not part of the gaming session

"The Kneverwave" - Rated ANG for excessive insanity. Starring: Anlessedil Graymaulkin, Tholin Rockcrusher, Lilandra, Tripplelock Babbleriver, Burtrin, Sir Dar, Shard, Quark and half a dozen other crazy bastards. Written and Directed by Christopher "Fear my Manual of the Planes" Brummet. Coming soon to DVD, VCD, HTML, WANG, and of course, Presented in Fissovision. Dungeons and Dragons belongs to Wizards of the Coast and previously their new-found bitches, TSR. Don't sue, I'm broke.


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