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Welcome to Studio Shinnyo! Home of the idle and not so idle ramblings, writings and various brain by-products of myself and my friends. It is my hope that this site can provide a bit of inspiration and entertainment to all those who venture near. Originaly started to showcase a bit of Sailor Moon Fanfiction, the site has grown over the years to include a number of fan-fictions, manifestoes, and even, low and behold, original fiction and stories! Art and other media has also grown to become part of the site, and I hope for more expansions in the near future. Above all else, I hope you enjoy your stay here, and feel free to contact myself, Strike Fiss, or any of the other authors and artists showcased on this site. Thanks you!

Strike Fiss

Standard disclaimers apply:

  • Thou shalt not use original works without thy author's permission
  • All fanfiction is owned by this site in creative aspects only. No money is involved. No need to get laywers, Ginax, I promise, I'm still poor.
  • All original and fan works need permission by the author or owner before reproduction or redistrobution. Please ask before posting any stories or art.
  • Young people under the legal age of consent are prohibited from viewing any adult media contained on this site. LEMON warnings indicate a rating of NC-18, LIME warnings indicate a rating of R, or mild NC-18
  • Characters that resemble people living or dead are used with permission, or are warped so much that they wouldn't care anyway. E-Mail me if you have problems with me using someone like you to tell a story. ^_^
  • HTML, Images and other portions of this Web Site are property of the author. Please ask before re-producing it in part or in whole.
  • Studio Shinnyo is home to a wide range of Editorial-Style texts, fictional use of religious and scientific concepts, opinionated stories and characters, and is severely prejudice against certain things such as racism, drug usage, and general stupidity. Opinions, Fiction and Fact may offend some readers. Continue at your own risk
  • Do not hold your breath for anything. I am lazy, and low on free time.
  • Do not assume I will re-format my site to fit in your work.
  • Nor should you assume I will post everything that is given to me.
  • Nor should you hold it in offence if I mess up something about you or your work. Please humor me and ask me to fix it.
  • All your base are belong to us
  • Thou shalt not take any of this too seriously
  • Thou Hast Been Warned.

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