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Any successes, joys, happy times and good things happening in my life, work and this little project have shared one thing in common. A wonderful family, excellent and most admirable friends, and inspiration from heroes and dreamers. While small and simple, I hope to let them know the best I can with a quick, but deeply felt thank you on my part.

To my Family: Hooze is the coolest sister, friend, and general keen person I have had the pleasure to know in my life. While not completely responsible for my current state of mind, I know she helped make me insane, and I thank her for it. ^_^ Mom and Dad, who have always been there for me (and pretty much everyone else), never backed down from doing the right thing, and always helped me when I was in a bind, I give my love and deepest thanks. I wouldn't haven gotten this far, nor been able to stay where I want to be without them. To my Grandparents, I doubt they realize how much they influenced my young life...giving me gifts of humor and weirdness, as well as an interest in a generation past my mind. They say that you can pick your friends, but not your family. I lucked out, because I wouldn't pick any of them any differently even if I had the choice.

To my Friends, both current and in the past: Thank yous go out to the Chrises, Bork, and a dozen more who helped make my schooling years withstandable. All of them good peeps, with weird minds attached to them. Maury for being the closest thing to a Brother I've had, SkitZ, Tozetre, Binky, Overfiend, Draxel, Sign Guy, iPod, Sparky/Lars/Sparrowhaw, Flaffy and Sean, Jen, and Sheldon for being a kick ass group weirdos as well. Probably a million people online that I would like to say Hello! to and shout out thanks, but I won't because of bandwidth. You all rock! ^_^

And of course, the love of my life, the beautiful, wonderful, and extremely keen Senie...who's patience, kindness and love has definitely made my life a richer one.

May all your dreams come true, all your battles be well fought and won, and all your Jolts be fresh. Thank you! ^_^




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