s a i l o r m o o n : o m o i

Sailor Moon: Omoi
l o v e
a n d
j u s t i c e
(just a little weirder...)


a l t e r n a t e   r e a l i t y
1996-1998 / 13 files / 2.14 meg [download]

what would you do if you found out you were a superhero? your wildest dreams now becoming reality? and what if your nightmares also came true?

s e v e n   k n i g h t s
1999 / 8 files / 1.58 meg [download]

home has no name. no place. no hearth or table to pull up to. all you need to do is remember hard enough, and home will find you when you are lost...ready or not.

m i s s i o n a r i e s
2001-2006 / 6 files / 1.33 meg [download]

it will be the darkest of times that give birth to the greatest of lights. to protect what is loved, what is shared, and what is treasured, the most powerful champion of all will rise... the people.

f i n a l   s y m p h o n y

the final battle is upon us. let us rise and fight! not for our lives or souls, nor wealth or pride. we will fight for the greatest treasure of all.

to be.

coming soon after Missionaries

I don't need wings...

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