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Ranma 1/2 :

Ranma Fanfiction
Mistletoe - Morning training and secrets discovered - LIME!
Eggnog and Secrets - Putting all the cards on the table - LIME!

Ranma 1/2 is many things.  Silly, action packed, and hopelessly melodramatic.  It's characters are disillusioned in their own dreams, and common sense is an item held by few.  Luckily, the star of the show, Ranma Satome, is one of these characters.  Cursed to change into a woman when hit with cold water, and back into a man when splashed with warm, but also betrothed to Akane Tendo, a young tomboy with a disgust for boys, the situation looks hopeless.  Despite all the obstacles in their way, though, Ranma and Akane still have a close...if not unconventional relationship that is the subject of many fan's hopes and attention.  Warning! Lime elements!  ^_^

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