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stupid answers to frequent questions


All right! Let the madness begin! Have a question? ASK AWAY!

Q: What the hell does "Strike Fiss" mean?
A: My grandpa used to call me "Fiss" or "Friss" as opposed to Chris as a nickname. Also, I'm a big fan of F-15 E Strike Eagles. Strike Fiss. Ooh, deep, isn't it? ^_^ Basically, the name came from those plays on words. Nothing more.

Q: What software do you use?
A: Well, the software varies a LOT...usually I have one or two programs for everything I do. Windows 2000 Professional is currently my poison of choice, though XP Professional is usable so long as you whip it like a naughty puppy first. Writing is mostly done in Microsoft Word 2000, due to it's snazy ASCII text conversion. Website graphics are done in Bryce 5 for all the 3D stuff, Photoshop for everything else, and also editing the 3D stuff. Flash MX is used a bit around the main site, and a lot in the Flash version available (depending on how far into completion it is) at the Entrance Page. Macromedia Dreamweaver MX is used to actually code the site...with the occational dive into Notepad/Editpad to fix mistakes or add new code.

Q: Hardware?
A: I have a pair of computers I work on now. Those who see my screenshots will probably note the dual-monitor setup.

COMPUTER 1: MAGIFISS - Used for most net-based activities, MP3 hoarding and the local server of Studio Shinnyo. Pentium III-777, 512 meg of SD RAM, 47gig HD space (never trust a Maxtor), A nVidia Leadtek GForce 2 MX DUAL HEAD vid card with two Daytek 19" Monitors, 8X DVD-ROM, HP CD Writer Plus 9150i.

COMPUTER 2: SHADOWMARCH - Gaming, graphics and mass-anime storage. Pentium 4 2.8C @ 800fsb and Hyper-Threading. 2GB DDR 2700 RAM. 2XSeagate 80GB HDDs in RAID 0. 2X 52XCDRWs, 8XDVDRAM, Asus GeForce FX 5200 Vid Card and a SB Audigy 5.1.

PALMTOP: Chii - Palm Tungsten T3 (Yes, the wide-screen Palm. ^_^ )

Prepherials: Wacom Graphire Tablet, HP 930c Printer, Canon FB630U Scanner, Kodak EasyShare CX4200 Digital Camera, Yamaha speakers and a few other goodies here and there.

Q: Where do you get all your ideas?
A: (If I had a Jolt for every time I heard this...) Books, friends, movies, anime, life, death, drinking, insomnia, dreams, nightmares...you name it. And when that doesn't work, I just make shit up off the top of my head. ^_^ I'm good at that.

Q: Are you a professional writer?
A: Not yet. ^_^ Most of my work is fanfiction at this point, and is for personal enjoyment and writing practice only. However, I figure I will eventually try for something more. Wish me luck, and make sure to look for my books if it happens. ^_^ Hopefully, this next year will show some actual comercial writing, but mostly, I'm still in practice.

Q: How do you get those graphics to have text behind other text?
A: Try Adobe Photoshop. Has this nice little thing called 'Layers'. i.e., if you use "MS Paint", you're not going to have much luck. Currently, I'm using version 7.0

Q: Are you making a sequel to Sailor Moon SK, Shinji the Casanova, or Holding Hands?
A: Keep an eye out for the News Page as this list of projects is constantly changing.

Q: Do you REALLY live in Canada?
A: Yes. Calgary, Alberta. (again, if I had a Jolt for every time...)

Q: There's no Chris Stover in the phone book!
A: That's because my last name isn't Stover. <chuckles> Gomen. It's Brummet. Fiss is fine too, but the wacky government needs paperwork to change the last name. Ahh well.

Q: What's with that line at the end of every story that you write?
A: Well, 'Strike Fiss, Ninja Crowbotics 2002' is my name, my organization, and the year it was
written in. You will also start to see "Studio Shinnyo" instead of Ninja Crobotics in the newer stuff. But I assume you mean: 'Khattam-Shud'. It means, roughly, "Over and Done With". "The End". You can look on my QUOTES page for a more detailed quote, as it is derived
from "Haroun and the Sea of Stories", a wonderful book by Salman Rushdie. As for "EOF.", that is programming lingo, meaning, again, "End Of File." I apologize for any missed spaces and control characters I miss at the very end, making 'EOF' a false statement.

Q: Why do you hate Macintoshes so much?
A: They piss me off. ^_^ The same reason I hate Microsoft. Both companies force feed 'user friendly' into the consumer, and therefore, the general public never gets to play around and tweak their computers to their full potential. At least with MS it's easier to get around and get into the lovely gooey innards of a computer. Macs just suck. And I hate them even more
now because of that shitty translucent colour fad. Go with a SGI machine if you're that desperate to do graphics.

Q: Why do you hate Sailor Mercury so much?
A: I don't. She's just fun to pick on. ^_^

Q: Can you help me program something?
A: No. I'm only in the programming mood when I'm programming.

Q: Can you please read my fanfic and tell me if it's any good?
A: If I'm not doing anything else, and it doesn't look daunting in size, I'll probably say 'Sure!'

Q: Hey! All you said was: "It was good!"
A: I'm a lousy critic. ^_^ Sorry. Best try somewhere else.

Q: What the hell is 'Penguinspace'?
A: A term coined by Tozetre of the Penguin Self Defense Force. Check it out!

Q: What is Nacho??
A: My car.

Q: Can you REALLY use a sword?
A: Yup. Though no ninjas have dropped down out of the sky and attacked me while I had it, so I'm not exactly sure if I'm any good. ^_^

Q: What are Sailor Hooze's and Prince Destiny's e-mail addresses? I wanna say yo!
A: They love e-mail. ^_^ You can contact them at: surreal_killer@hotmail.comfor Sailor Hooze, and prince_destiny@bigfoot.com for Mo.

Q: ARGH! Your spelling is HORRIBLE!!!!
A: Yes. Yes it is. ^_^

Q: ARGH! But...I mean, REALLY HORRIBLE!!!!
A: Okay, first of all, about 30 or 40 % of the text on this website was written before I had access to a reliable spell-checker that wouldn't change things without my knowledge. Second of all, I will often take liberty with spelling, so don't expect even a 400-times-looked-over fic to just run through perfectly. And, finally, I am a PROUD CANADIAN...and yes...we spell a few words differently, and sometimes, spell-checkers try to change that on me, so I'm only NOW
becomming consistant. So, if you see a few extra 'u's or re's instead of er's, you know why.




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